I. Introduction

BAYNACH CLUB (hereinafter referred to as "club" or "BC") is the name of a loyalty program intended for customers of the e-shop operated by REVA Bojničky, a.s. / BAYNACH Winery (hereinafter referred to as the "BAYNACH e-shop"), with its registered office at Bojničky 54, 92055 Bojničky. This program is aimed at providing certain benefits for active lovers of good wine and at the same time customers of the BAYNACH winery. Customers become members of the club on the basis of their free will, which they express by registering with BC.


II. Creation of membership in BAYNACH CLUB

A natural person older than 18 years of age can register a BK and register on the website A BK member is obliged to provide true data during registration. Membership is free. A BK member must have a correspondence address in the territory of the Slovak Republic.


III. Rewards, getting rewards in the BAYNACH CLUB

BC members are rewarded based on the amount of their purchases through the e-shop A BC member is entitled to a reward in the form of loyalty points (hereinafter "LP", or "point") for each purchase for selected goods from the product catalog higher than 10  euros. Points are awarded on the basis of the reached limit of 10 euros, or a multiple of this amount, that means every 10 euros purchased in the e-shop, each member will beallocated 1 point.

The allocation of points to the customer's account takes place automatically on the basis of the issued order, proper crediting and  subsequent use of the allocated points is conditioned by the delivery and payment of goods from the order.

Allocated points can be used by BC members to purchase goods included in the loyalty program. Each item has a point value in BC, which is quantified in points.

The goods, the evaluation of the goods, as well as other conditions of the BC can be updated or otherwise changed by the BAYNACH e-shop.

BC members can also receive discount vouchers or other rewards that will be part of the BAYNACH CLUB.

Reasons for non-acceptance/non-recognition of LP:

1. non-acceptance of the ordered goods or withdrawal from the pur-chase contract

2. termination of membership in BC

3. speculative purchase


IV. Termination of membership in the BAYNACH CLUB

Membership in the BAYNACH CLUB expires for the following reasons:

- the club member knowingly provided incorrect data during registration or change of data, 

- at the request of a club member,

- after appeal the consent to the processing of personal data,

- for other reasons arising from generally binding regulations.

Upon termination of membership, the right to provide any benefits or  rewards not yet provided in connection with membership in the BAYNACH CLUB also expires.


V. Protection of personal data

An applicant for membership in the BAYNACH CLUB in the form of registration in BC gives consent to the inclusion of his personal data 

during registration in the e-shop BAYNACH (especially name and     surname, postal address, e-mail address, telephone contact), as well as other personal data (hereinafter as "personal data") to the database of the BAYNACH e-shop and their processing, including through authorized processors, the list of which is given in the document "Personal data protection" / available at

Consent is granted for the duration of membership in BC. The consent can be revoked at any time - by revoking the consent, the membership in BC expires.


VI. Final provisions

The BAYNACH e-shop reserves the right to change or modify the BAYNACH CLUB Rules. Club members will be informed about these changes on the website, or in another suitable way. The BAYNACH e-shop has prepared a BC loyalty program with a long-term intention, nevertheless it reserves the right to terminate the activities of the BAYNACH CLUB in a justified case.

These BAYNACH CLUB Rules are valid from 1.12. 2018

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