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Bojničky is a wine-growing village in the Hlohovec district that belongs to the Malokarpatska wine-growing region located on the left side of the Váh river, surrounded by Považský Inovec mountain range. The area stretches from the town of Hlohovec to the village of Šintava and it is known for its almost 1000-year history of vineyard cultivation and wine processing.

Company history

The BAYNACH winery continues to keep the historical tradition of wine production in the region, but in modern history it is the successor to the company Réva Bojničky, inc., which has been operating in the Slovak market since 2000.

The company Reva Bojničky, inc. was founded in 2000 as a joint venture that processed grapes from vineyards in this historically well-known and exceptional area. Although the area is administratively included in the Malokarpatska wine-growing region, in terms of soil and climatic conditions, loess soils with a higher calcium content predominate, compared to the shale subsoil in the Carpathian Mountains. In the period up to 2012, the company processed and produced wine using the market name identical to the company's name, but later the wines from the winery production has backed out of the market and production has been subdued, partly due to major market changes and increasing of competition.

A milestone of the company was the entry of a new shareholder and a change of the shareholder structure in the company, that happend in 2016, while the winery has modernized important technological equipment to meet the quality requirements of final production. From the year 2016, a larger volume of grapes has been processed in terms of quantity and assortment. The winery also put on the market two new brands, BAYNACH and RA-ZA and the company's marketing and business strategy was changed included the new trade name of the BAYNACH winery. The name BAYNACH is known from year 1256 from the period of the Saxon colonists and it is one of the first names of the Bojničky village .



The source of quality raw material of grapes comes from picturesque vineyards in the cadastre of the village Bojničky (area 56 ha), most of which are newly reconstructed. The vineyards are planted in three localities - Damašky, Homole and Bakšajka. The most remarkable is the Homole vineyard with unique terrace slopes and beautiful scenery at the sunny sunrise.


The varietal composition consists of proven varieties that valorise local natural conditions, from which especially the following varieties stand out: Gewürztraminer, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Noir, Alibernet. The assortment and offer of wines is based on varieties that were grown in the last century and we can describe them as a traditional varieties of the Hlohove-Šintava region (PONDUS).


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