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Váh, 2020

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Quality wines, Dry
Producer: BAYNACH
Country: Slovakia
Region: Lesser Carpathian wine-growing region

VÁH, this Slovak newly bred wine of the year 2020 "matured" near our home vineyards in the valley of the river Váh.
This wine was processed very gently and naturally. Maceration and fermentation took place in vats without fermentation temperature control with manual agitation and without the addition of selected yeasts. The result is a wine with the character of the area in which it has matured and in a craft quality, while surprising with its charming expression.

The color of the wine is strong, but not dark, the aroma is distinctly fruity, the typical cabernet expression is complemented by subtle green tones of paprika. The taste of the wine is full, unobtrusive, with a fruity expression in which the connoisseur discovers the taste of black mulberry and a subtle cabernet trace.

The Váh variety was registered in 2011 and is an excellent blue variety from the Castets and Abouriou noir 


Wine analysis: alcohol 13.0%, sugar 1.3 g/l, acids 5.33 g/l

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