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Pinot Noir 2017 BV

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Berry selection, Dry, Pinot Noir
Producer: BAYNACH
Country: Slovakia
Region: Lesser Carpathian wine-growing region

Red wine from the traditional blue variety Pinot Noir. This variety usually achieves high quality parameters in our area and especially in the village of Bojničky. In the exceptionally favorable year of 2017, a sugar content of up to 26 ° heigh above sea level, was achieved, so it has the adjective berry selection.

The color is typically softer for Pinot Noir wine, it is not too rich, it changes into brick-red reflections, while it is possible to reveal several color combinations in the glass. In the aroma you will identify the "first" scent of blackberries and griots, after a long reflection in your memory you will discover the famous aroma of berry jam and there is no scent of oak wood.

The taste is velvety, complex - it nicely follows the aroma, you can find blackberries, forest fruits, finally hot chocolate and a longer stay of the wine in barrique barrels is proved by the taste nuance of barrique wood.

Wine analysis: alcohol 14.5%, residual sugar  g/l, acids  g/l

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